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Since 2007 Hartkorn Communication have a vast experience of lifting growth, competences and branding for companies of all sizes, locally and globally, public and private.

Here’s a selection of what are clients are saying about working with us.

Executive Director, international facility company ISS

I recommend Hartkorn with high regard as being a super sharp communication advisor with an admirable ability to bring out your best performance. Sessions are highly motivational and inspiring. I found my competencies strengthened for rapid and effective ability to focus on personal and business growth. As a result, my business strategic and commercial mindset and my ability to collaborate and create business results have reached the next level.

Team Leader, international pharmaceutical company Leopharma

In the workshop, we learned how to truly understand the needs of our team- how to help team members achieve our goals and gain a quality level, and how to optimize work situations.

Group Vice President, Global Business, water solution company Grundfos

Hartkorn Communication has helped me strengthen and target my leadership communication, showing a great understanding of the challenges in diverse organizational situations from the factory floor to the executive room. 

Senior Global Director, international diagnostic technology company Radiometer

The sessions focusing on strategic communication have helped me to think about who I communicate to, what my key messages are, and how I can plan my stakeholder communication.

Innovation Platform Director, international water solution company Grundfos

The process has improved my ability to communicate strategy and directions to my team as well as to the Executive Committee. The sessions have also helped me to become efficient in driving change management within the organization.

Internal Communication Project Manager, global foodprocesssolution company Marel

Thank you for the great sessions learning so much from you! We got a lot of praises from all over the company like ”Best Fireside Chat to this date!” and ”Relevant, Informative and motivating” 

About 1,500 people have seen it either live or as a recording.

Director Expert Department. patient organization Astma Allergy Denmark

The training made me more aware of how I can become a more interesting spokesperson: more relevant and able to comply to the wishes of the organization I represent. I give 10 out of 10! Especially our media trainer Vibeke Hartkorn came well prepared for our industry and has a unique ability to find the right media angle as well as uplifting you as a spokesperson.

CEO, shipping company Skansi Offshore

Absolutely high-end media trainer, with excellent understanding of our organization’s needs when in the media eye. I learned that when interviewed, time is a scarce resource making it essential to get your key message out there quickly, sharp and clear.

Executive Business Development Director, global brewery company Carlsberg

With Vibeke Hartkorn´s leadership coaching, I became a more effective leader at communicating strategic business initiatives by learning to increase understanding, instill belief and lead to true change. 

I found Vibeke´s leadership coaching very practical and effective and I improved dramatically my rate of collaboration in a complex cross-functional initiative. 

Boardmember, shipping industry organization Danish Shipping

We received very very positive evaluations on you! You delivered great sharp messages and were very professional conducting during preparation and on the day of the conference.

Communication Director, sustainability company Danish Recycling System

Hartkorn is a very engaged and sharp debate moderator, who made sure the day was dynamic, with a great staging of the subject, and involvement of the audience in a catching and tangible manner. Hartkorn knows how to balance seriousness with humor, so it never gets boring but secures presence.

Partner, the lawfirm Kammeradvokaten, advisor to the Danish Government

Thank you for the satisfying corporation.

You fulfilled your moderator role with professional capability, great charisma, and power. 

I will surely recommend you for next year’s conference.

Nominee and winner of the prestigious Danish award - The Dialogue Prize

I could not have won this position without your innovative well-executed branding plan.

Thank you for believing -more than I did – that this could be achieved.

Director, international technology care solution company Radiometer / Danaher

You are given space and repose to reflect about how and very much why you act the way you do and what it is you want to change. A unique ability to listen, challenge you, and give support while making you feel professionally sustained, Vibeke Hartkorn´s focus on strategic communication has helped me think about who I communicate to, what my key messages are and how to plan my stakeholder communication. 

Digital Transformation Director, IT and software company KMD

Hartkorn has a unique ability to see the individual development possible giving pay off immediately. As well as a unique understanding of the dynamics in an organization. Drawing from an experienced knowledge base Hartkorn has developed my ability to collaborate across the organization.

Young Senior Manager, banking and financial service company Danske Bank

Vibeke’s excellent knowledge in coaching has given me a promotion on average every 2nd year. She has made me grow faster than my peers and her understanding of the environment I work in, has helped me grow my communication style, and my attitude in the way I reflect in meetings. Her broad insight and knowledge and experience from executive levels make Vibeke quickly understand the challenges I meet, and gives me a toolbox for better communication, setting goals, and overcoming challenges. 

Director, Danish rail company Rail Net Denmark

Vibeke has a unique ability to put herself in your place and be ambitious on your behalf. Combining her direct, honest, and empathetic personality with her coaching ability, she creates a place of trust and empowerment while focusing on personal, professional, and business growth. Vibeke shows a full understanding of the fact that strategy and strategy communication must always be of value to the business.

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We set goals in corporation with you

We are ambitious on your behalf

We listen and seek to understand your perspective

We are with you all the way in your challenges and possibilities

We are honest and kind, energetic and resultdriven


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