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Since 2007 Hartkorn Communication have a vast experience of lifting growth, competences and branding for companies of all sizes, locally and globally, public and private.

Here’s a selection of the recent companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with .


New management job means new habits

In this case, there had been a move to a new senior management level with new management responsibilities. This manager was tasked with translating the top management’s new strategic focus to his part of the organization. The main challenge was a work environment with employees resisting the strategy.



We set out unlearning old habits not fit for the position and training new value-creating habits for the new role. We had a particular focus on decision-making, execution, and collaborating skills. We gave this manager new dialogue methods to deal with employees with a stagnant mindset and lack of commitment. We prepared the manager for different situations, which we then evaluated, to find a steady course of communication on the path to building trust. In addition, we worked on communication methods for across organization dialogue and to external stakeholders, preparing strong messages that could resonate with co-workers as well as upwards to top management.



This manager succeeded in gaining the trust needed to create change, and the ability to stop a negative trend of turnover in the department. The manager was promoted to a new and larger role after this successful strategy communication process.

What skills are you thinking about developing when you change your leadership role?


Make yourself visible when seeking a new position

We worked with a career development case: a Top Manager who had already gone to several headhunters but still failed to get a new position. The challenge was, that there was no clear strategy to activate the person’s existing network and cultivate new contacts on the path to the next top job, as well as a lack of clear message about how this leader was able to drive results. Further, there was a lack of awareness of personal communication style and impact. 



We practiced dialogue methods in both hypothetical and real job interview conversations, in relation to creating impact and being precise. In addition, we worked on how to formulate a strong communicative CV and a strategy for contacting companies on the wish list.



This manager managed to be called for all job interviews, and become number 1 or 2 for the possible positions.

Do you know what it takes to be the chosen one, and get the position of your dreams?


International business development

The co-owner of a company moving towards internationalization was tasked with starting up partnerships in new markets.



We trained dialogue methods based on cultural understanding and differences in business mindset. Specifically, it was about communicating the headquarters strategic objectives to partners in new markets in South America, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and North America. We trained specific dialogue methods and conflict management. At the same time, we worked on the ability to communicate the strategic narrative.



The leader succeeded in establishing partnerships in the selected markets, which became a prerequisite for the company’s later sale of DKK 600 million.

Would it be important for your organization to develop a strategic narrative, and cultural understanding, in order to be well equipped to successfully negotiate and collaborate internationally?


Structure for communication

The need for a communication focus in this company started with a poor employee satisfaction survey, which showed a lack of trust in top management, a lack of commitment to the new business strategy, and a lack of a unifying corporate culture.


We set out to develop an internal communications manual with a structure for communication, as well as methods for a strategic business focus. We focused on employee engagement, effective meetings, and communication training.


We achieved visibility of top management within the organization, and trained managers at all levels to facilitate strong dialogue and develop an aligned language and culture across the organization. The focus on strong strategic messages enabled the business strategy to be understood, received, and executed. This was all tied up in a clear structure, so that everyone knew who, when, and how to communicate internally, so that structure roles mandates and responsibilities became the breeding ground for engagement and a shared culture across the organization.

Could your organization become better at communicating your strategic messages, building commitment and execution? 


New collaborative power = faster to the finish line

International company working in the field of public-private business development. The challenge was a major strategic shift, which uprooted prior teams and departments and put together new ones.


We created people & culture programs and facilitated various team building and conference days, to develop the company’s strategic narrative, provide input on how to execute the start-up strategy, and achieve a new shared corporate and sales culture,  internally and externally.  


The goal achieved was an agile organization, yet with the thoroughness, they hoped to bring into the future from the existing corporate culture focusing on a stronger result and decision-making culture.

Do you need a team boost, and ideas on how to create strong collaborative power across the organization? 


Encreased sales through better communication

Top management lacked strong sales results and reached out to us. We immediately saw that there was a lack of aligned dialogue methods or unified storytelling about what value proposition the company did for various stakeholders.


We developed a stakeholder strategy based on who was most important to influence, and how. From there, we trained dialogue methods and developed specific sales messages, making stakeholders aware of the value they could expect. We developed the strategy in collaboration with Top Management and trained the various sales teams in communicating and executing the new stakeholder strategy.


The various sales teams found it much easier to establish loyal customers and partners, and management saw alignment in the sales organization, resulting in increased sales. The company was subsequently made ready for sale to a major US player within their industry.

Could it be of value to you to get professional training and advice on how to communicate and achieve success with your key stakeholders?


Influencing decision-makers

Influencing politicians and decision-makers. A variety of business lobbyists came together to develop an annual conference aimed at influencing policymakers to act on their industry’s needs and regulatory framework.



We advised on the conference concept, involvement of participants, with a program interesting enough to appeal to busy decision-makers, with content that could have a direct impact on policy development and decision making. In addition, we worked on selecting and pre-interviewing speakers as well as writing a manuscript and facilitate the day.


The preparation turned out to give a strong engagement from the invited participants. The conference day resulted in a policy settlement with strong lobbyist footprints.

Could your organization’s next conference/meeting benefit from professional facilitation that would elevate content and create real impact? 


Spokesperson impact

The Management group wanted alike media understanding and interview training in preparation for dealing with the media, as they had experienced several negative news stories about customers unhappy with their pricing and subscription policies. Furthermore, they wished to become so good at giving interviews they would be chosen by journalists as industry experts.


Insight into how to become so inspiring and of such interest journalists would contact their chosen spokespeople again and again. Advising on the tough reality of the media that spokespeople must be able to navigate, in terms of SoMe as well as the press. We were also trained to interact with journalists and handle different interview situations with a strategic and personal communication style. We developed core messages and practiced interview techniques tailored to the company’s business focus.


Several members of the leadership team gained the courage to stand up in the media and respond to critical stories after message training, and gained methods to engage with critical journalists in a transparent and honest, yet strategic manner. Members of the leadership team were also subsequently interviewed as experts.

Did you develop core messages to cope with critical interview situations, and are your spokespeople table to perform successfully in the media?


Raise your profile

This case was about a need to increase public profile in order to have a shot at winning a prestigious award, which was decided via a public vote on social media. Unlike several of the other nominees, this person had very few followers.


We focused on developing a strong visual campaign for SoMe that the public couldn’t help but notice, with strong value-based messages that would make the reader reflect. In addition, we worked on a strong campaign positioning, in collaboration with digital advertising experts. We had professional photos taken and wrote a portrait article, not to get the interest of the press but the interest of the SoMe users on various SoMe platforms.


The ad gave exposure to thousands of readers. Our candidate managed to win this award, as well as raise public profile and increase general awareness.

Are you aware of the opportunities you have to raise your profile and get your cause public attention? 

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