Winner of Best Executive Leadership Coaching
Winner of Best Executive Leadership Coaching
Hartkorn Communication winner of Management Consulting Award 2023 for “Best Executive Leadership Coaching Agency in Denmark.”

We are excited and honored to share some great news.

Hartkorn Communication has been awarded the prestigious global 2023 Management Consulting Award for the “Best Executive Leadership Coaching Agency in Denmark.” This recognition is a testament to our dedication, commitment, and innovation in the field of executive leadership coaching and communication strategy.


Our journey

Hartkorn Communication was founded in 2007 by our CEO, Vibeke Hartkorn. As a former national news anchor and journalist, Vibeke brought a unique understanding of communication, effective methods, and courage to be innovative within the business community. Over the past 17 years, we have had the privilege of making a profound impact on countless leaders’ lives, offering a wide array of services, including executive leadership coaching, communication strategy, and communication training.


Our reach extends globally, serving clients from diverse industries, from South Africa to Greenland, Australia to Oman, and California to China. Our core focus is strategic communication and business strategy advice, with a keen eye on movements such as CSR, SDGs, the tech and digital revolution, Inclusion & Diversity, masculine-feminine leadership balance, purposeful business growth etc. 


We strive to bring you future readiness by constantly researching trends and new academic findings, working with renowned clients and collaborators across various sectors.


What the Award Means for us

Receiving the “Best Executive Leadership Coaching Agency in Denmark” award is a significant milestone for us. It serves as a recognition of our unwavering commitment to excellence in leadership development and communication strategy.

This reinforces our belief in fostering a balance between profit, purpose and people focus providing leaders with the courage specific methods to become authentic, compassionate, effective, and decisive.


This award is not just a recognition of our work; it’s a validation of the impact we’re making in the lives of individuals, organizations, and business networks. It’s about empowering leaders to potentially change the world for the better. That’s something that fills our hearts with pride and gratitude and makes us want to strive to be even more ambitious and on the leading edge within our field.


Our Proudest Moments

What makes us proudest to work for Hartkorn Communication is our ability to create meaningful and impactful solutions for our clients. We prioritize holistic outcomes that foster a better tomorrow for all stakeholders involved. Witnessing the positive impact our work has on individuals, teams and entire organizations is a constant source of motivation and pride.


Our Approach

  1. Holistic Approach: Approach your work with a holistic mindset, aiming for the three bottom lines: profit, purpose, and people. Consider the broader impact on society and strive for inclusive growth.
  2. Unique Perspectives: Focus on creating individualized solutions based on proven knowledge and research, tailored to each client’s specific needs. This personalized approach sets us apart from conceptualizing competitors.
  3. Media Expertise: In an age where communication is paramount, we seek to be best in business concerning social media, media training and crisis management. Transparent, dilemma centric and honest communication is key to building and maintaining long-term stakeholder trust and brand positivity.
  4. Leadership Pipeline: Embracing the concept of the Leadership Pipeline leadership development architecture, focusing on developing new skills and capabilities during leadership transitions, empowering leaders to adapt, excel, and drive organizational success with confidence and consciousness.
  1. Collaboration and Engagement: Create engaging and interactive workshops to foster collaboration and idea sharing within organizations. Engaging and business aware teams can achieve remarkable results.


Client recommendations

We are grateful for the kind words and recommendations from our clients, including Chairmen, company owners, C-suite leaders and executive managers and professionals from various industries. Their trust and support inspire us to continue our mission of transformative leadership and communication.


Client testimonial:

I recommend Vibeke Hartkorn as a coach with high regard as being a super sharp communication advisor and leadership coach with an admirable ability to bring out your best performance. She brings a holistic ability to career and coaching training making sessions highly motivational and inspiring. She is a top professional and energetic coach, and I found my competences strengthened for rapid and effective ability to focus on personal and business growth. As a result of my coaching training with Vibeke Hartkorn my business results, my strategic and commercial mindset and my ability to collaborate has reached the next level. Vibeke is at her best if she is coaching ambitious and development-oriented candidates, reaching for strong values. To reach the best result the candidate must be motivated and ready for the challenge of being coached.

Volquards Hesselholt, Business Unit Direcor ISS (leading global facility service company)


We are excited to continue our journey, making a positive impact on organizations, individuals, and society. Thank you for being a part of our success story.